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What Makes AAPT Different?


We guarantee that in 6 visits (or less!) you should be feeling better, otherwise we aren't doing our job! if you are not feeling better after 6 visits we will work with you to determine what the best course of action is: to discontinue care or make a referral to an MD to assist with diagnostics or something we may have missed.


We provide 1:1 care each session by a Doctor of Physical Therapy - there is nobody else but you!

We really care about you and your outcomes. We got into physical therapy to help people who have been told it’s not possible, you won’t dance again, you can’t do that anymore. We will do our best to get you back to the lifestyle you want, and the more challenging the better.


YOU help make your plan of care that fits your life, goals, and services desired.

We don’t make you schedule a standard time frame of 2-3 times per week for 4 weeks. Unlike many PT clinics we don't have to keep you for an hour just to fulfill insurance billing requirements. If you only need a 15 minute session once a week - great!

We can focus on a joint plan of care without limitations of insurance and reimbursement: Just want Manual Therapy, you got it! You only want exercises - we can do that! You only want tape and recovery techniques like Normatec boots - perfect! You only need wellness and prevention - it can happen! You have post operative needs and need to return to your sport - let’s get you moving! You schedule the time slot you want and we individualize your appointment.


We are research based. We are always reading new articles and studying the latest techniques. We will provide rationale for why we do what we do and how it helps or hurts in the long run.

We focus on Manual Therapy that includes Soft Tissue Massage, Joint Mobilization, Mobilization with movement, Release techniques, Range of Motion work, Stretching and Neural Glides

We treat your injury and focus on your biomechanics that day. Each session is different and home exercise programs are functional throughout your day. We really individualize your services to optimize your outcomes.

We understand injuries require a broad approach. How you feel mentally, how you fuel your body, and physical/emotional stressors are something we can chat about on your road to recovery


For over fourteen years Emily has been helping patients and working alongside other health professionals to improve how physical therapy can transform lives. For more information on Emily see below!

Dr. Emily Becker Physical Therapist

Emily Becker, DPT

A graduate of the Virginia Commonwealth University Physical Therapy program and a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Emily is a nationally recognized and published expert in dance medicine and hip rehabilitation in addition to day to day work with patient populations ranging from adolescent athletes to stroke recovery.


While working for Athletico in Illinois, Emily was Program Director for the Hip Preservation Program. During her tenure she taught continuing education courses to fellow clinicians, developed and revamped course content, and assembled a panel of hip experts for a national online symposium on hip rehabilitation. Her protocol for the rehabilitation of dancers post labral repair/reconstruction is used by many hip surgeons and therapists throughout the nation.


In addition to treating pediatric, adolescent and adult athletes Emily has participated in panels with high school Athletic Trainers and volunteered at various athletic meets/events.


Emily has been the on call therapist for National touring companies at the Denver Center and at various musical theatre companies in Virginia and Illinois.


Currently Emily is focused on researching Return to Sports following hip surgeries.

She presented at the 2013 Performing Arts Medicine Association (PAMA) conference on "Can Correcting Technical Faults in Adolescent Dancers Prevent Labral Pathology?". Emily took specialized courses in the study of pediatrics through the VA-LEND program and her article on integrating children with disabilities into the performing arts classroom was published in The International Journal of Physiotherapy Theory and Practice.

Ballet Published Articles


Emily has been featured in POINTE magazine's article "Do I Have A Labral Tear? What You Need to Know About Treating This Common Ballet Injury" as well as "Yes, You Can Take a Day Off: The Physical and Mental Benefits of Rest".

Prior to pursuing a career in physical therapy Emily earned high accolades both academically and artistically at Virginia School of the Arts where she danced many leading roles. After graduating she danced professionally with the Richmond Ballet and was a guest artist for several regional companies and schools around Virginia.

Dr. Becker then became Founder and Artistic Director of Perceptions Dance Company while teaching and choreographing for numerous dance studios including Chesterfield School of Ballet and West End Academy of Dance. She has also been a guest lecturer on injury prevention and kinesiology for organizations such as Richmond Ballet, Virginia Commonwealth University, Appomattox Regional Governor’s School for the Arts, and SunKing Dance. Emily has also taught master classes for the Richmond Ballet, Ballet Tech Ohio, and Rockingham Ballet, among many others.

Because of her extensive background in dance Emily has a unique understanding and expertise in regards to the risks of physical injury in addition to insight of a dancer's approach to dealing with an injury or the risk of an injury. Emily has comprehensive knowledge of dance injuries and how to best treat those injuries to allow for maximum participation in class, rehearsals and performance. After moving to Denver, Emily was fortunate to expand her love of dance medicine into specializing in hip labral pathology. She established Rocky Mountain Dance Injury Prevention Symposium and coordinated successful symposiums each year from 2012-2016 featuring a variety of dance specialists from the medical and dance community. From 2013-2019 she taught for University of Northern Colorado's M.A. in Dance Education program as well as presenting many workshops/master classes for dance studios, schools, and the Colorado Dance Education Organization.

With Athletico Emily was an active part of the Performing Arts program having presented workshops on treating dancers with hip pathology and dancer/athlete burnout.