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We are so happy you are taking this important step in your healthcare.

 We want to make this process seamless for you. You can watch our "How To" video on this page on how to access the program OR follow the guidelines below to get started. 

1)     Please Register on PtEverywhere and create your personal account by clicking on the button on this page that says "Register & Purchase the Program Here!".

2)     Once you have registered and log in click on the SCHEDULE icon then "Book an Appointment" and then scroll down and select any of the programs you want:

  • Online Only Dancer, Gymnast, Cheerleader, Figure Skater Strength and Conditioning Program (HASC)

  • Dance Team Prep

  • Prehab and Wellness Package

  • Competition Season

  • Dance Detective

IF REGISTERING FOR HASC please continue reading

3)     If selecting HASC please schedule the first available class. You do not have to virtually attend the class - this step simply allows us to send you all of the necessary documents once payment has been received.

4)     Please sign the consent form in your email from PtEverywhere

5)     You will also receive your paid invoice, the planner, the nutrition information, and links to our Q& A sessions in the same email as above

6)     Once you have signed the consent form you will receive access to the workouts via an email notification that states you have a Home Exercise Program

If you want to take part in a weekly group Q&A session then you may virtually attend the class each week to have questions answered or just to talk with a like-minded group!

Click on the pictures below if you need to purchase any of AAPT's recommended materials for your home workouts!