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As an adult dancer that has been dancing for many years, I have had my share of injuries.  So, I have been to several physical therapists (PT's).  The approach has always seemed fairly scripted, based on the injured body part and age; with little consideration given to ability and activity (dancing).  But, of course, most PT's don't understand dance.  

About a year ago I suffered an ankle injury.  After a couple months there was little improvement.  This time I was fortunate enough to find Dr. Becker.  I knew I had found the place I needed to be within 5 minutes of meeting with her.  She helped manage the pain and weakness so that I could keep dancing, while we worked on healing and strengthening.  Sessions included manual therapy and exercises tailored to how my ankle was feeling/functioning at that time, and her observations as to how my ankle was moving and how other parts of my body might be compensating.  It was not the same routine for each session.

Dr. Beckers training and experience as a professional dancer and as a physical therapist are an invaluable combination for treating dancers.  She has first-hand experience as to the demands and requirements of a dancer, and as to how dancers use their bodies.

Dr. Becker is very knowledgeable, very kind, and genuinely cares about her clients.  When you have an appointment with her, you receive her full attention; the time is not split with other clients.  For me, having found Dr. Becker was truly a gift.

~Cynthia L.

"I received care from Emily for about one year. During that time, I found her to be very patient centered and compassionate. When I first met her, I needed a cane to get through the door. The areas she worked on were my back, knees, and neck. 

Near the end of our time together I was able to get back to bicycle riding, going for walks and being more active in the church activities that bring so much meaning to my life. No small thing as I am 73 years old. 

I am grateful to Emily for her kind help. She helped return to me a lost part of my life. I encourage anyone reading this to see her for an evaluation, I think you will be pleased with the results."

  • Kerry 


"I was having issues with my arm and my doctor suggested Physical Therapy. I set up an appointment with Emily Becker (Physical Therapist). She performed an assessment of my situation. Asked questions about my arm and its impact to my daily life. She explained to me my issue was not just with my arm, but my neck as well. Interesting discovery as I did have a sore neck. She asked for my expectations, then discussed overall goals, outlining treatments and exercises. 

Sessions consisted of an assessment of the current status and any changes since my last visit, along with stretching, massaging and exercises to further help. This all resulted in a greater range of motion in my neck and no more daily pain in my arm. Plus, I now have a regiment of daily exercises and stretches which continue to strengthen my arm and neck muscles. 

Yes, these are all the things you should expect from a Physical Therapist. But there’s more to Emily…

Emily is a “people person”. She makes a personal connection with each of her Customers. You can hear it in the greetings as people come/go from their appointments. She makes the environment welcoming. The last thing you need when you’re in pain is to go to a place you don’t find enjoyable. She is concerned with “what is going on with you”, making sure you are able to do the work to help better yourself. She’s always watching you stretch and perform the exercises to make sure

1) you’re okay and not over doing it and 

2) that you are doing it correctly. 

Definitely a person who cares about others. This is not only a person who is good at their job, but thoroughly enjoys it. Highly recommend Emily to others who are not only looking for a great Physical Therapist, but a great, caring person as well.

  • Rick M 


"I have been treated by Emily Becker on and off for approximately a year and a half for physical therapy. She has evaluated and treated me for an injured shoulder/neck and for degenerative disk disease in my lower back and neck. When I had my surgeries – carpal tunnel surgery and reconstructive foot surgery (due to a ruptured Achilles tendon), she handled my rehabilitations.

She is skilled, knowledgeable, compassionate and truly listens to her patients and their needs. She genuinely cares for her patients.

Emily tailors her treatment plans specifically for each of her patients. When I had my foot surgery, I was concerned of the outcome. Considering the surgery – 1 year + recovery period. I am doing great - she was an integral part of the recovery. I consider her the best Physical Therapist I have been treated by.

If you are looking for an exceptional Physical Therapist, you do not need to look any further. I highly recommend Emily." 

  • Dawn I.


"Mrs. Emily was extremely helpful when I suffered multiple injuries at dance.
She always had great suggestions for pain management and most importantly for staying healthy and fit.

As a former dancer herself, Mrs. Emily was able to provide exercises and stretches which helped me with specific dance movements.
Mrs. Emily is an amazing physical therapist, and I would highly recommend her services."

  • Clare (age 12)