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Dancers always want to improve - and taking class is essential to improving your dancing - BUT sometimes you can't do something your teachers want you to do like get your leg higher, be consistent on your landings, or you have small aches and pains that don't go away. 

You need our Dance Detective!  The process is simple: you tell us what isn't working and we'll work with you to figure out if it's alignment, strength, endurance or appropriate biomechanics (or any combination) and then we'll give you ways to fix it!

NEW! Dance Detective Studio Sessions: 

In person coaching to help with the final touches of your competition piece/variation.  Especially helpful if you are stuck and/or need a new set of eyes to help bring about what your teacher/choreographer wants you to do!

Dance Detective Sessions:

You tell us your dance technique mystery and we'll investigate your alignment, strength, endurance and biomechanics to solve the problem!

Fix faults that may have been hampering your progression and find strategies to reach the goals your teachers have for you!

Sessions can be completed in the clinic or online and you can tailor them to your needs. 

Give yourself or someone else an hour a week of helping them achieve their fitness and wellness goals.

  • Injured and trying to get back?

  • Prepping for surgery?

  • Want to work out safely?

You will be guided by a PT for each hour and it makes your Initial Evaluation (a $150 value) FREE! 

A truly incredible deal!

If you're a gymnast, cheerleader, figure skater, ballerina going to YAGP, UBC, or a competitive dancer going to conventions/competitions this package is for you!

A $550 Value to help with Strength, Endurance, Rehab, or any concerns for a discounted rate that makes your Initial Evaluation (a $150 value) FREE!.

4 Week Program includes:

  • Twelve 20 minute workouts that target areas important for injury prevention/strength training for dancers/gymnasts/cheerleaders etc

  • Essential nutrition information curtesy of Nutrition Aligned for young athletes/dancers

  • A digital planner to monitor workouts, hydration, nutrition, 

  • Online LIVE Q & A sessions with Dr. Becker  

  • Check out our PREVIEW here OR try the Sample Workout above!